The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 50

I had Friday off last week for the holiday.

My wife took Monday through Wednesday off this week to make the 4th of July into a super long weekend. I couldn’t do it. I had meetings I needed to go to on both Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday though…

I took Wednesday (tomorrow) off.

These two events have confirmed something that I think I knew all along but was trying to avoid acknowledging…..

I need a vacation.

I need to go away.

I need to pack up the Mrs and the Step Kids and go find a mountain or something. I want to go to New York and have an adventure. I want to go into Boston and hear some live music. I want to go to Faneuil Hall and surf through the massive crowd. I wanna ride a god damn duck boat.

I miss everything right now. I miss people. I am a total introvert and I miss people. What the hell?

We’re coming up on Four Months. Four Months.

Please don’t think I’m going into quarantine fatigue. I’m not going to start being stupid like all those fucking meat heads going out to parties and bars and restaurants without wearing god damned masks. I’m not an asshole and I’m not stupid and I don’t have a death wish for myself of for those around me.

I just want to go out.