The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 44

I think I did the math right (the math involved counting) which means 12 weeks ago today was the last day I spent in the office. More math: (12/52)*100 = the percentage of the year that has been spent in quarantinish. What’s the value? Why, 23%. We’ve been in social distance lock down for almost a quarter of the year. Yippee!

Patches, my cat, is standing firm on her belief that my desk is her desk. I have two desks right now and she has made this declaration about both of them. She’s sitting on my desk as I type this, and if I stop typing for a second she’ll sit on the keyboard. She’s staring at my hands, willing them to get the hell out of the way so she can sit down.

Correction, she just moved from my left side to my right side and sat on my track pad. Cat!

Over the last few days I have found very few moments where something goofy happened that could be blamed on the lock down. It’s basically normal life now. Our society is dissolving all around us, but being locked in the house is no longer a symptom, it’s just the way things are. That’s kinda sad.

It’s Friday though. I’m about nine hours shy of the weekend. I can make it… I think. It’s been almost a month since my beloved bride cut my hair. She told me she wants to give it another shot this weekend. I’m game. Let’s do it.

I think I am going to go punch into work now. I have to move to the other desk so I don’t drive my love nuts as she works. I’m guessing the cat will invade my space (her space) soon after I get there.

23% of the year down… still going. Have a good one, everyone. There will likely be cat pics later.

Good day.

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