Unlucky 4th of July Test

The City of Methuen is trying to salvage their 4th of July celebration while still maintaining social distance and fighting the spread of COVID-19.

Obviously the standard celebration is kaput this year. No way we can flood one small section of the city with people without causing a major spike in infections. City Hall… or the Mayor’s Office… or someone in city government, I don’t know who, came up with the idea of launching fireworks from the highest elevation in town.

But would it work? Would people all around town be able to see anything? A test was in order.

Tonight at 8:45pm the city lit off fireworks for about a minute from Pie Hill in the Eastern part of town. Residents were asked to go outside at that time and see if they could see anything. A Facebook thread was setup where folks could share the results with everyone else.

Jen, Harry, and I went outside a minute or so early. It’s beautiful out, but we live in the woods and the bugs were out in force. We waited a few minutes but didn’t see or hear anything.


Maybe there’s a higher elevation they could try? Probably not.

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