New Wah Pedal Coming

As mentioned yesterday, I am done with Fulltone and that SUCKS. The OCD pedal is amazing. The Clyde Deluxe Wah pedal is Earth shattering. I have a pedal I can use in place of the OCD (the Dan side of the Keeley D&M Drive is more or less an OCD clone) but I don’t have a suitable replacement for the Clyde Deluxe because no suitable replacement exists, at least not in my travels.

If you look back through the vast ocean of posts on this page you’ll find the one that mentions me first buying the Clyde and how it felt like I was cheating on 20-30 years worth of playing Dunlop Cry Baby wahs. When I first realized I was going to have to buy a new pedal my first thought was to just get a new basic, simple Cry Baby. Then I thought… I don’t wanna. I have grown accustomed to the uber nerd cork sniffing that comes with using a boutique brand pedal. I wanted more of that.

I went to Reddit and started a thread asking for ballpark alternatives to the Clyde. I had a few recommended to me. I spent some time on Google, and some time on youtube and everything I was told to check out sounds amazing. They also are really, really expensive. My Clyde Deluxe isn’t the most expensive pedal I own, but it’s probably #3. Maybe even #2. Do I want to spend $250-300 for another wah pedal? Yes but… probably not.

So I guess maybe I’m going back to Dunlop after all. It’s not a bad thing, the Cry Baby line is great and served me well for pretty much a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are something like 11,036 Cry Baby models to choose from. They have signature models for almost every guitar player alive. I think they might even have a signature model with my name on it (no they don’t, sarcasm).

So I went back to youtube and dug around. Some of them are just ridiculous. The Slash model has a built in distortion pedal. Lame. Nope. Their higher end non-signature pedal has a built in boost pedal. Not quite as lame but still lame. Nope. I don’t want bells and whistles this time. I had that and it broke my pathetic little heart. I just want a pedal I can stomp on and make my guitar quack like a duck on acid.

I made my choice. I was going with a Gary Clark, Jr signature model. I went to amazon and put one in my cart. Delivery date estimate? End of June. Oh for crying out loud. I found it from another amazon seller but it was significantly higher priced. Damn it! What was my #2 choice? The Joe Bonamassa signature. That was more expensive than the Clark, but not as expensive as the more expensive Clark. Oh okay, we’re going with the alternate choice.

The Joe Bonamassa signature Cry Baby wah-wah pedal should be delivered on Monday.

Having a conscience sucks.

Here’s a That Pedal Show episode where they mess with wah pedals… because.

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