Long Days, Fast Weeks

It’s Friday again.  What is Friday again?

As the lock down gets more and more normal and becomes less and less of a colossal upheaval… well let me rephrase, the colossal upheaval becomes less and less of a 24 hours a day obsession I feel like I can start drawing some conclusions.  Purely personal conclusions, obviously.

The work days feel long.  The work weeks, however, go by really, really fast.  It’s almost as though the clock just stops between 9:00am and 5:30pm.  The rest of the time it’s on overdrive.  I am still getting up and going through my normal morning routine.  I have been ready to start the day by 7:30am every day, which is when I would need to leave the house to get to the office on time.  This morning at around 6:00 I joked to my wife that if this keeps going for long enough I’ll start getting out of bed at 8:59 and punching into work at 9:00.  For now, I’m still ready to go at the usual time.

The 90 minutes or so before work lets me have an actual breakfast, instead of the usual breakfast bar in the car, and I can read the news or watch a TV show or do some chores before I start my day.  Those 90 minutes FLY by though.  If I blink they are gone.  It’s the same with the time after work.  I punch out after 5:30, make dinner with my beautiful wife, and then go to bed.  Not really, but the time flies so fast if feels like that.

As for weekends?  Blink… missed it.

This weekend is a dad weekend for the kids.  They left the house early today because Harry has an online appointment with his diabetes doctor.  It always sucks when they leave for a weekend, but given the current circumstances it sucks extra bad now.  We won’t see them again until Wednesday.  Who knows what the state of the world will be by then?  It sucks mightily.

Want to know what’s worse then all of the terrible stuff that’s already going on?  Yesterday when we woke up it was snowing out.  We didn’t get much, less than an inch, and it had all melted by mid-morning.  If that’s not evil enough, we’re supposed to get more tonight.  The forecast is calling for a couple of inches of heavy wet snow.  You know what, mother nature?  You can just go kiss my enormously fat ass, m’kay?  You can just go eat a big bag of dicks.

I need something to cheer me up.  Where the hell is my cat?

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