The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 5

My wife made a command decision. She said that even after all this quarantini stuff is over she’s kinda done with visiting Manhattan.

I proposed that from this day forward all of our vacationing would be in Iowa or Kansas or some other mostly empty place.

Also, today we had a Socially Distanced visit. We went to Jen’s mom’s house but we didn’t go inside. We stood in the driveway while she stayed on the front porch. We managed to visit in person without coming anywhere near each other.

We also tried buying groceries with instacart. I don’t recommend it. The buyer got literally everything on our list wrong. What the ever loving fuck are we supposed to do with two packages of salted cod and three six packs of… I can’t even say it, it’s too awful… caffeine free Diet Pepsi?

I ended up going to the super market myself… twice. Oh well.

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