Is Shelter in Place Coming?

Jen heard a rumor that Massachusetts is going to announce a shelter in place.  Unrelated, an email thread is going around work saying that we’re closing our buildings (most of them) at close of business today (that was actually decided a few days ago) but if a shelter in place goes into effect and you haven’t picked something up you’re going to be out of luck.

The kids just left for their dad’s house.  They don’t come back here until Wednesday.

I’ve been reading up on the things California and New York have set up.  The Governor of New York refuses to use the phrase “shelter in place” but California does not and the two plans sound about the same.  Whatever you call it, it sounds like you can still leave your house, there just isn’t anything to do if you do.  Does that make sense?  I have to assume that there will not be any restrictions that stop someone who has a joint custody arrangement with a co-parent from driving to the other parent’s house and picking up the kids and bringing them back to their house.

If that is somehow restricted… you can try to stop me, m’kay?

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