A Supermarket Kinda Day

As implied by the previous post, I went to the supermarket this morning.  One of the (multiple) Market Basket locations on route 28 in Salem, NH.  I was able to get most of the things on my admittedly short list.  The notable exceptions were chicken and eggs.  Those sections of the store were either empty or filled with other stuff.  They only had a few check out lines open while I was there so the wait was pretty long.  Not terrible, but kinda long.

I’m working from home today.  My wife was too but she decided to take a little PTO.  The kids were both out of school.  They both start remote classes on Wednesday.  Today is actually a dad’s house day though so after hanging out here for most of the morning they went over to his house.

Jen decided to get onto the supermarket bandwagon too.  She’s doing a ton of reconnaissance/shopping as she hits a number of non-Market Basket locations in the neighboring towns.  They all, mostly, seem to be out of chicken.  She was able to get some expensive stuff at McKinnon’s in Salem, but other than that the pickings are a little slim.  I am hopeful that she will stumble across a well stocked supermarket that no one else in New England has heard about.  It could happen (no it couldn’t).  We live very close to a number of high traffic retail areas that have lots of options for food.  There are big supermarkets, little supermarkets, butcher shops, convenience stores, everything.  We have options if this thing drags on for a long time.

As of this moment, just a few days into the major Massachusetts shut downs, we are wanting for nothing… except chicken and eggs.  A huge part of my personal Weight Watchers menu revolves around eating eggs.  They are zero points.  I have to cut back though, in a big way.  I need to conserve eggs.  I never ever thought I would type that sentence, but here we are.

Most important, Harry is well stocked with diabetes supplies.  We had a few things delivered from Amazon today.  We expected them to be delayed but they actually got here early.  Thank you, Amazon.

On the news front, the big story I am seeing today is Canada is closing it’s borders.  The headlines all say they are closing the border to non-Canadian citizens, but in truth US citizens are currently exempt from the ban.  Bellana had plans to visit Montreal later this week.  I think those plans have been postponed.  I hope so.  I can’t imagine how much it would suck if they closed the border to US citizens while she and her American friends were on the wrong side of the border.  Not to imply that the Province of Quebec is anything other than beautiful and wonderful, but it would be terrible to be that far from home with no chance to get back.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health should be updating the infection numbers within the next few minutes.  Is it naive of me to hope that the rate of transmission is dropping?  Yeah, I think so.  I’m still going to do it though.  Fingers crossed.

One thought on “A Supermarket Kinda Day

  1. I worked today, and it appears that our Market Basket has plenty of chicken. At least, a lot of customers were buying chicken and none commented that they were lucky to get any. Eggs too. So if you want to travel over 50 miles to get chicken and/or eggs, come on up!

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