The Telecommute Call

The telecommuting call for my company has been made.  It will be for at least two weeks and it will start Monday.  That’s actually good as there is something I need to do at my desk tomorrow.

In our house, Jen is already telecommuting.  Bellana will start remote classes on Wednesday.  I will start telecommuting on Monday.  All we have left is Harry’s high school.  What’s it gonna be, high school?  Are you going to jump on the resource management bandwagon or are you going to keep insisting you know better than all of the experts who actually study how to handle this sort of situation?  Are you going to make a small sacrifice that might make life easier on our soon-to-be-overtaxed health care industry, or are you going to keep letting large groups of people meet and contribute to the infection spike which will potentially put our soon-to-be-overtaxed health care industry into a state where there are more patients than beds and supplies?  What’s it gonna be?

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