Direct Effect

Well, we have now officially been effected by COVID-19… sort of.

My company sent out an email tonight saying that they are punting any decisions related to the Massachusetts state of emergency until tomorrow.  Jen’s company made the call tonight.  She is a telecommuter until April.

Is that an overreaction?  Sure.  Is it a bad thing?  No way.  Worst case scenario (for Jen’s company) is that nothing comes of the pandemic and they spent most of a month working remotely.  Also, maybe their network will be taxed a little too much and systems will run a touch slower than normal.  Their customer systems will be fine.  Best case scenario is that the virus runs rampant and they bought us all a little time so that health care facilities have a better chance of keeping up with the demands.

I had some plans for this coming weekend.  Nothing important, just stuff I’ve been wanting to do.  I’m thinking of doing them tomorrow after work on the off chance that the places I need to visit will not be open come Saturday.  I just want a haircut, and the Mazda needs an inspection sticker, and… well… I want to go to Guitar Center to look into maybe trading in my Strat for an amplifier.  Okay, so it’s silly.  I might try to get all of that done tomorrow evening.  We’ll see.

We’re still waiting for word from the University of Vermont.  So far they are pretty emphatically staying open once spring break ends on Monday.

Overreactions?  Sure.  Bad ideas?  No.

Am I worried?  Not even a little bit.

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