All of those 300 or so blog posts from myspace from March (I think) 2006 through November 2008 have all been imported.  Finally.  All (almost) of my blogging history is now included on this silly little site.

Having said that… don’t go reading them.  They are awful.  It’s all broken image links and me bitching about minor league hockey.  There are a few cool things.  Our engagement is there.  My first two years with the kids.  A bunch of Rush shows.  My first attempt at live blogging is there.  It was a Mission of Burma show at the Paradise in Boston.  It was only two or three posts, and one of them was me complaining about the opening band.  Whatever, good stuff.  There is also my Uncle’s death.  I came across that one today as I was porting them and I didn’t read it.  I can’t.  Most of the posts though really are about minor league hockey.  The Lowell Devils and the Lowell Lockmonsters and pre-Jen Rob driving to road games because he had no life yet and that’s what he did.  Loser.

I know a couple of people get emails when I update the site.  Hopefully they didn’t just get 204 emails.  Yikes, I didn’t even think of that until just now.  If so… sorry ’bout that.

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