Not Enough Time

There just aren’t enough hours in the day, you know? (Said the guy who made an art form of procrastination yesterday)

I have this huge music project to do that I haven’t touched in two weeks (at least).  I have all the toys and gear I wanted to have before I started recording (actually, there should be a pack of 12-string strings coming in the mail today which is the last thing I wanted) but I haven’t done any actual recording.  I’ve got something like 20 ideas in the pipeline, but I haven’t done any work on any of them.  I don’t want to get shut out this year.  I need to make some time.

Time?  What’s that?

One thing that is definitely happening is Iron Maiden on Thursday.  Larry and Mike and I have an email thread going where we are figuring out the logistics of getting down to Mansfield for the show.  I don’t think I’ve gone to a show since Rush stopped touring and that was four years ago.  I’m ready for some arena rock excess, and Maiden is just the ticket.  Apparently this show included flame throwers.  Let me just say that one more time:

Flame Throwers.

My wife and I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last night.  I’ve seen some reviews calling it a masterpiece.  It’s not a masterpiece.  It’s good.  Really good.  Funny as hell and creepy like crazy when it needs to be.  Not a lot of violence, but just enough to satisfy.  All of the performances are great.  There’s really nothing not to love.  Masterpiece though?  I don’t think so.  It’s not as Earth shatteringly amazing as Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction.  It’s probably better than Jackie Brown or Kill Bill.  Maybe.  I haven’t seen Hateful Eight or Django Unchained yet, though I have them on iTunes and just need to find the time to sit and watch them.  It feels a little like Inglorious Bastards.  Excellent, but not something that will stay with you the way his first two movies did.  Go see it.  You’ll love it, and then you’ll go home and watch Pulp Fiction again.

Either that or you will read Helter Skelter.  I spent a good chunk of the movie trying to figure out if the Manson family depictions were accurate or not.  I think they were.  They were definitely disturbing at least.  The facts of the case all seemed to jibe with my memory.  I’m pretty sure Polanski bought Dennis Wilson’s house, and Manson did have some sort of music relationship with the Beach Boys.  I can’t remember if the owner of the ranch the family lived on was still around through the whole thing or not.  He’s there in the movie, but was he in real life?  I can’t recall.  That’s why I just picked up a copy of the audio book version of Helter Skelter.  I need to know the facts.  Just the facts, in fact.

Anyway, go see the movie.  You won’t regret it.  Quentin Tarantino absolutely still has it.  The guy is the best.  Buy the damn ticket and see it in the damn theater.

I think I started this post off by talking about music.  I want to get back to writing and recording for 50/90.  I don’t see it happening tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.  Not Thursday though.  Iron Maiden.  Right.  Bring it on.

2 thoughts on “Not Enough Time

  1. You’re gonna give me an anxiety attack!

    This is pretty much where I’m at as well (sans the Maiden part sadly). I have the tools, I have the ideas, I even think I have the time and then all of the sudden, it’s weeks later and I can’t even figure out what I’ve been up to.

    Come in waves though, and you gotta find the way to break it when that happens. Works for me as well. Last time I went from nothing written and a few awful ideas to 10 songs in a couple of months, and now I’m stuck again. I’m almost there and I can’t get in the groove again. I know I have to but something always happens.

    Who knows? Maybe this post will help me remember to keep an eye on myself for a few days so I can avoid straying into nothing again, or at least sit down and watch Django, which I haven’t either.


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