So Rob, how’s all that sleep stuff going?  You haven’t mentioned it in a while.

Well I’m glad you asked.

While in Florida I was sleeping about 6-8 hours a night, with one insane sub four hour night thrown in for luck.  Since coming home I’ve been mostly back to the 5-6 hour range with one amazing 10 hour sleep last weekend.

Twice this week though the app that tracks the CPAP machine, as opposed to the one that works off of my Apple Watch, reported something weird.  I am starting to have issues with my mask seal.  I’m leaking air somewhere, somehow.  I haven’t noticed anything, outside of the obvious moments when I lose the seal completely and I have to take the mask off and put it back on.  Apparently on Friday the 26th I had major leak issues, and then last night I had them again only much less severe.  I didn’t notice anything.  Two nights ago I could feel the mask moving around on my face and it kept me up and drove me a little nuts.  Last night though, when the app registered problems, I didn’t feel the mask moving around, and I didn’t wake up with it partially unsealed, or anything like that.  I woke up once a little after 3:00 am, and then again a little before 6:00 am and everything seemed fine both times.

The app has a little blurb on side effects of mask leakage and one of them is dry mouth.  When I woke up at 3:00 this morning I definitely had dry mouth.  I actually went and got a glass of water because of it.  Is that a sign that something happened?  I thought maybe it meant that my machine’s water tank was empty.  It was dark so I couldn’t see and I forgot to check it this morning.  I will check it when I get home.  I have a link to a video that talks about leakage and I need to watch that tonight as well.

All of the other stats from Friday and from last night were good.  Last night in particular had a low number of apnea events.  I didn’t wake my wife so I know I wasn’t making noise.  In fact, she was snoring last night, not me (hi sweetie!).

I’m curious to find out what happened.  In the couple of months I’ve been doing this, I’ve only had two instances of mask leakage.  I figured I’d be able to tell when it happened, but nope.  At least I’ve been able to sleep longer before the mask wakes me up.  I’m still taking it off, briefly, most nights, but not nearly as often as I did when I first started using the machine.

Now if we could just get the quality of sleep up to a level where I don’t feel tired all the time.  That would be sweet.

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