Trump Can’t Block Me on Twitter

This made me sad.  A little, at least.

Appeals court rules Trump can’t block people on Twitter

It has been one of my stated goals for the four years Trump spends in office to be blocked by him on twitter.  It hasn’t happened yet, and based on this Appeals court ruling it may never happen.

No amount of calling out his fascist, anti-American, racist, colluding, obstructing behavior will get me blocked.  No amount of pointing out his low IQ, or inability to spell, or speak in complete sentences will get me blocked.  The Nazi moron just isn’t allowed to do it.

Oh well.  I guess I’ll just rejoin the majority of Americans by focusing on voting his ignorant, fascist ass out of office next year.

One thought on “Trump Can’t Block Me on Twitter

  1. Seems to me that just because a court said he couldn’t do it doesn’t mean he won’t! The Supreme Court ruled against his citizenship question on the census, but his attorney is trying like blazes to get it on the census anyway. So the point is, there’s still hope he may block you!!


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