A Nice, Happy Twist

I went to bed last night at a little before 11:00.  Once I fell asleep I didn’t wake up until just before 2:00.  I made it almost three hours without a problem.  Granted, I barely made it to six hours total, but going three hours without the mask coming unsealed is kind of a milestone.  I was happy.  I’m still seriously exhausted today, but I’m happy.

Yup, I’m happy.



2018-07-01 - Epcot Day 2 pt 1

I’m super happy.

Music progress progresses.  I’ve got eight ideas for 50/90 underway.  Only one seems like it might be good.  I haven’t recorded any guitars yet, but I have all the gear I need to record my new two amp setup that I have going on in the bedroom.  I might test drive a little recording tonight, if I get the chance.  I also haven’t hooked up my attenuator yet, though I have everything I need to use it.  I might be a little nervous about messing with that one.

If only I could explain why I am so happy.

June 6, 2008 - Hollywood Studios and a Night Out




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