First Night

I did it.  I used the CPAP machine last night.  Did it help?  I have no idea.  My wife said I didn’t snore, so that’s a win.  Did I sleep better?  We’ll see, I guess.  It was definitely harder to fall asleep, but I expected that.  They told me it would take a while to get used to the thing, and they are right so far.  I put the mask on, turned on the machine, checked the seal, everything was good.  Then I laid down and… nothing.  Am I breathing too hard?  Too fast?  Too slow?  Am I doing something wrong?  Hey Robert, hows about you stop over thinking your breathing and just fall asleep.  One thing that bothered me was there were a few occasions when the seal didn’t hold.  I would move my mouth in the wrong way and a gap would pop open somewhere.  Also, there were two times when I moved my head, I think I was rolling over onto my side, and it seemed to spring a leak above my nose.  Suddenly there was air blowing into my eyes.  I just took off the mask, and restarted the machine and it was fine again.

When I did the overnight test in the hospital a couple of months ago I put the mask on, laid down, and an instant later it was morning.  I was kinda hoping that would happen again.  Maybe it will in the future.  We’ll see.

I’ll keep you all in the loop.  All, like… three of you.

One thought on “First Night

  1. Well, as part of your trio of followers, I appreciate the updates! I’m hoping you’ll get so used to it that it’ll become second nature. But, if incidents like you describe continue to happen, I’d definitely talk to the doctors again, because if the goal is to sleep through the night, then it won’t actually be working. BUT, I’m sure the main goal is to stop the sleep apnea, so evidently that’s working just fine!


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