Apps Like a Boss

My shiny new CPAP machine just told me that I had 1.9 apnea events per hour last night.  That’s down from the 80 or so I had at my sleep study.  So yeah, I think it might be working.  Jen told me I didn’t snore at all.  I call that a pair of wins.

There was the little matter of me feeling pretty exhausted all day today.  I’m optimistic that I just need to catch up for a few days before that gets better too.

I was prompted to register my shiny new CPAP machine on the manufacturers website today.  Starting tomorrow I should be able to track my sleep on their website and on their groovy iOS app.  Jen also suggested, just for shnitzengiggles, I set myself up with an iOS sleep app to read the health data from my Apple Watch.  Granted I will have to wear my watch to sleep for it to work, but I’m kinda curious now.

We’ll see how we do tonight.

Welcome to my journey, where I will be asleep through the whole thing.

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