John McCain

John McCain is an American hero and he deserves our respect and thanks. He served his country honorably for decades and his sacrifices are much appreciated by all of us.

I have mixed feelings. When he was continually running for President I never supported him, but he was one of the few Republicans I looked at and thought if they won it might not be so bad. I rarely agreed with his positions but I always had the feeling that he had a good enough head on his shoulders that we could work with him. He seemed like a good man, even if his politics seemed screwy to me.

He stood up to Trump. I will forever be grateful to him for that. However, my mixed feelings come from a totally irrational place. You see, I saw McCain as the one man the non-fascists and non-collaborators and non-appeasers in the Republican party could rally around to stand up to the evil taking over our country. That didn’t happen. Yeah he stood up to Trump, but he didn’t stand up enough… I guess. I said this was all irrational, right? He did a little, but he didn’t do enough. At least not for me. He blocked the insulting “health care” bill but he didn’t do the 50 other things I hoped he would do. Looking back on the last couple of years though, he did more than just about any Republican in Congress. I have to tip my hat to him for that.

Rest in Peace, Senator McCain.

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