Full Blast

I’m thinking about recording. I started re-recording a bunch of old songs back in 2015. I didn’t finish any of them, but every so often I listen back to rough mixes of guide tracks and I want to pick up where I left off.

One song on the list was from my 2012 RPM. The guitars were clean then, but my guide tracks are a little bit distorted. Not much, just a little hair. The lead parts of overdriven, but again not that much.

What if I were to mic up my Fender Deluxe Reverb and crank the volume up to where it just starts breaking up and use that for the rhythm sound. It would be a first for me as I never let things get that loud at home… and the Deluxe at the break up point is really loud. Really. Loud. Then for the leads, what if I just stopped messing around and dimed that sucker. Full blast. Actual tube amplifier overdrive. Get some tracks down using that. But wait, there’s more. What if instead of just cranking the amp I put a Tube Screamer in front of it with the gain all the way down and the level all the way up. How much more distortion would that push out of the amp? What if I did the leads like that.

What if I recorded some tracks the way all rock and roll tracks were recorded prior to Fender and Marshall (and Vox?) adding master volume controls to their amps?

Oh how my idiot brain likes to freak itself out with obvious things sometimes. Also, oh how my wife is going to hate the volume level coming out of the garage tomorrow. hehe Love you, sweetie!

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