RPM2018 – Day 28 FINISHED!

I gotta be honest.  There was a little stretch of time when I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to finish on time.  The RPM Challenge and FAWM are both complete for 2018 (though my own personal ‘a song isn’t finished until the recording is finished’ rule was broke for FAWM as four recordings are still unfinished though only lead guitars remain).  That marks seven straight years of success.

Tonight I was able to mix the last four songs, come up with a running order, and upload it all to my RPM Challenge account.  I had to re-upload the songs I did prior to tonight because I forgot to include the correct tags.  Everything is set now.

Here is the playlist form soundcloud.  It will make it over to bandcamp one of these days, but for now you’ll have to settle for this crap burger of a site.

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