Christmas Trees are Assholes

How awesome are Christmas trees?

None. That’s how awesome they are. None awesome.

We bought a big tree. Bigger than usual. Partly because we waited an extra week or so to go tree shopping and the pickings were a little slim. Also though, it was a really nice tree.

We bought it on Saturday, and the kids and I put it onto the stand right away. We decorated it on Sunday, and everything was well. About an hour after we finished it fell over. It hit the bay window but didn’t punch through. The tree stand though. Toast. One of the legs was bent completely into the wrong direction. the upper ring was snapped off. It was a bad fall.

I got the tree back up by precariously balancing it on what was left of the stand. Jen ran out to buy a newer, better, stronger stand while the kids and I took off all the decorations that we’d just put on. When the new stand arrived the kids and I started from scratch and put everything back together.

I think that the decorations looked better before the fall, but that might just be because the tree is a total asshole. I’m just waiting for it to fall over again. What a jerk, right?

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