I’m Sorry

Why do so many guitar player accessories have blatantly sexist names? I don’t want to be a part of this particular problem but I’ve gone and made a hypocrite out of myself.

David Gilmour… listen to his Stratocaster sound on Pink Floyd records like Animals and The Wall. What does he use to get that killer tone? I want that killer tone too! How can I get myself one step closer? Well I can start by trying out some of the gear he used. How about his overdrive pedal? Awesome!

Except that it has an embarrassingly sexist name. I won’t share it because it would make me feel like an asshole. Even worse? I bought one on ebay. It’s going to be shipped in a day or so. Maybe I’ll put duct tape over the graphics painted onto the housing. It won’t fool anyone, but at least Mr Hypocrite will be able to pretend.

I feel like a jerk, and not just because I want to steal someone else’s tone.

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