I am Going to Weigh In Tomorrow

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a weight watchers meeting and weighed in.  It’s been over a month now.  The last weigh in was on December 13th.

Tomorrow will mark week number 20. I’ll admit it, I’m nervous. I’m afraid that in the two weeks that I was off the wagon I did so much damage that all of the progress I made leading up to that wonderful 37.6 number will have been erased, and two weeks of being better but not great will not have shown any results.

It’s not about numbers. I keep saying that, and I honestly believe it. It’s just that the meaningless number I saw on December 13th was a really good meaningless number. I don’t want that meaningless number to be lower tomorrow.

It’ll be okay. Even if the number is down to zero, it will be okay. I will lose weight. I will be healthier. I will reduce my risk of having a heart attack. The number isn’t important. How I feel is important.