Weight Watchers Weigh In Results

Holy crap guys, trimming my finger nails worked!

I was down a whopping 4.6 pounds for a total of 37.6. I did not see that coming at all! I mean we had sub shop take out dinners twice this week. Twice! I will say though that for most of the week I was just too damn busy to eat. Even on my Thursday telecommute day, the calls and emails just kept coming all day and I didn’t have time to over do it at lunch. Then yesterday I probably lost 2 pounds due to all of the exercise walking back and forth from my desk to my boss’ office.

My goal for December is still very much to not lose any ground due to holiday feasting. I just want to stay level if I can. This weigh in though. I’m really surprised. I’ll probably be up next week, but for now? WOOHOO!!

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