Am I a Bad Influence?

Each of the last two Tuesdays I have failed to put our trash out on the street for the pick up. I am a bad home owner, that is clear. This week I was determined to get it done. There are two reasons, one there is a lot of trash to go out now and two it does not smell good sitting there in the garage.

Last night, after coming home from my step daughter’s chorus concert where she was the piano accompaniment on one song and a soloist on another (she is a two instrument threat, piano and voice), I put four barrels out by the street. As I was bringing them out I remembered that it was Patriots Day. Patriots Day is a Massachusetts holiday. Is it a trash pick up holiday? I can’t remember. None of the other houses on the street had their trash out. Did that mean the pick up was on Wednesday, or did it mean that I was just earlier than everyone?

I left the trash on the street. This morning? Half of my neighbors have their trash on the street too. Does that mean they think the pick up is today too, or does that mean they saw my trash on the street and figured I knew something they didn’t know?

Am I a bad influence on my neighbors?

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