Weird High School Dream

I had the weirdest high school drama dream last night.  I dreamed that we were living in an apartment.  The hallway outside of our room looked remarkably similar to the hallway the band room was in back in the old Tewksbury High School.

One of the residents, who was also a member of my graduating class, was murdered.  The killer was another member of my high school class.  A group of other class of ’89 folks was involved in a cover up.  My best friend was helping to cover up the cover up.  I was helping to cover up his covering up of the cover up.  I’m not sure how, but Steve Hackett’s song, “A Tower Struck Down” seemed to be involved somehow.

I kept having cops come and talk to me about my best friend’s involvement, even though he wasn’t directly involved at all.  Somehow they thought he was.  I also kept finding evidence that the cops were snooping my computer, and every time “A Tower Struck Down” showed up in my iTunes I would panic.  Eventually my friend and I started to crack and devised a plan to tell someone in the press where the body was hidden.  The reporter turned out to be the brother of still another high school classmate, although I don’t know if that person had a brother in real life or not.

I know we had given something, a map maybe, to the reporter, but that’s when I woke up.  

Hopefully, no one from the TMHS class of ’89 was harmed in the making of this dream.  The whole thing was really weird.  It involved people I haven’t thought about in 20 years.  Do I need therapy?  Do I need to listen to more Steve Hackett?

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