Karmic Foresight

My wife has a bad back. A couple of my friends have bad backs. I have made it a point to go out of my way to help people with bad backs whenever I can. I did it for two reasons. First, it was the right thing to do. Second, karma. I don’t really believe in karma, but unlike many belief systems people base their actions on, it is one that I can sort of get behind. So while the real reason for helping people with bad backs was because it was and always is the right thing to do, I can pretend to justify it karmically too.

Why do I mention this? Because karmically speaking, it’s pay back time.


My back is KILLING ME! I can’t lean over to pick things up off the floor, I have to use my knees and squat (which, of course, is the correct way to do it anyway). Getting up from a sitting position is doubly painful. First you have to stand up, which hurts my back like crazy. Second, you have to straighten up, which hurts a ton more.

Now don’t take my bitching to mean that I have actually thrown my back out. I have not. I’m not moving around very well, but I can still move around. I’m just really fat and really out of shape and I have really over done it over the last three days. Really. There are two purposes for this post. First, I am taking a break from the cleaning and I happened to sit down at my desk, which means that I just have to write something, because I am obsessed and clearly insane. The second is that I just want to restate that any time someone close to me has a bad back and needs assistance, I am going to help. Because this royally sucks and I don’t want anyone else to hurt themselves any worse than what I’ve done this week.

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