Yahoo Buys Tumblr

Well… now Tumblr users wait and see, I guess.  Meanwhile Flickr users sigh and say, been there.

Yahoo purchased Tumblr for 1.1 Billion dollars in cash

Yahoo’s press release stated that part of the deal was a promise not to screw it up.  Yeah.  Flickr sure coulda used a promise like that.  It’s actually a good sign as they say that Tumblr will remain a separate division, or whatever they call it, and will remain independent.  They are not making any changes in Tumblr’s management.  That’s probably good news for Tumblr.  Let them keep to themselves and continue to grow up as they see fit.  Yahoo needs to be hands off.  From what I’ve heard, they did the opposite with Flickr.  They took a hot product and folded it into their corporate structure which alienated a lot of original users, and then Yahoo seemed to lose interest and the hot product became the stagnant product that everyone forgot about.

Yahoo’s current management seems to be trying to do the right thing by Flickr, or at least they are trying to give us that impression.  I’m buying it so far, but I am hoping for more.  It sounds like they are just going to leave Tumblr alone to do their own thing.  Let’s hope that that is the case.  Let’s also hope that it remains the case as time goes on.