New Years Eve

We are currently 22 minutes away from 2013. I hope everyone is having a great time and managing to stay safe.

My wife and I stayed home and watched a couple of movies, both of which I already forget the names of. Was the Adam Sandler flick where he is a Somerville douche bag who crashes his son’s wedding called, “That’s My Boy”? I think so. It was crass and stupid and awful and I absolutely laughed my fat ass off. After that we watched a Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward Norton movie that I think was called, “Moonrise Kingdom”. It was weird and bizarre and quirky and I really liked it a lot. I’m a sucker for weird. The relationship between the two run aways was one of the most genuinely romantic things I’ve seen in a movie in a terribly long time, even if they were only about 12 years old. It reminded me a little of Pixar’s “Up” without the devastating heartbreak. I really thought it was a good movie.

Tomorrow is New Years Day (actually 12 minutes from now) and the entire free world has the day off. Except me. I’m on call for work. There are three on call situations for me. One is when new customers go live with our software. Those happen regularly, but rarely do you receive calls. Another is when updates go live. Those are rare and are also usually free of calls. The third is extended business hours coverage and the phone often rings the whole time. On holidays it’s a 24 hour shift and it can be so busy that sometimes you work the whole time. Guess which of the three I got saddled with tomorrow.

Yup, New Years Day is going to be 24 hours of suck for me, beginning at 8:30am tomorrow.

It’s six minutes to 2013. I’m sitting up in bed typing this while my beloved darling wife sleeps next to me. The only way I could be happier right now is if the kids were with us. I’ll try to remember this feeling when I’m buried in work shit tomorrow.

11:56… Four minutes left…

11:57… Three minutes left… Someone near bye is lighting off fire crackers…

11:58… Two minutes left…

11:59… One minute left…


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