Pissed Off About Time Passing

I just had to open a file for work.  The name of the file needed to be the date that next week ends in yyyymmdd format.  In other words, 20130104.

2013.  Can you believe that next week is 2013?  I sure has hell can’t.

I met my wife in 2007 which is proof of that statement, “Time flies when you’re having fun” because it feels like our lives together have really just begun.  How can we be entering our sixth calendar year together?  That’s crazy!

I started my current job in 2004 with the belief that I would be out doing something else in two years.   Now it’s 2013 and I’m still here.

After Star Wars became a huge hit in 1977, George Lucas announced that he would be making nine Star Wars films in all and that each would take three years to make.  That would put the release date for episode nine in 2001.  My dad joked that I’d be 30 years old and that I would have to take him to the movies instead of the other way around.  2001 was 11 years ago.

I graduated high school in 1989.  The turn of the century felt like some far off distant land.  Now we’re in the third year of the second decade of the new century.  That’s insane!  I should also mention that my 21st birthday turns 21 in 2013.  Think about that.

The Red Sox ended all of that curse of the bambino bullshit in 2004… Nine years ago.

Carl Yastrzemski played his final game in 1983… 30 years ago.  (oh and by the way, Yaz is now 73 years old)

Here’s the worst one, by far…

I still remember being all jazzed up about the start of the 1980’s.  The 70’s are over, man.  It’s time for the 80’s!  Bring on the flying cars and moon bases!  WOOHOO!  I was nine on January 1, 1980.  It seemed like such a massively humongous event.  Now, suddenly, 1980 has morphed into 2013.  Urgh!

What the hell happened???

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