New Years Day

The New Year has arrived. Happy January 1, 2022 (2020 too, and yes I expect to write it that way forever).

2020 was the most difficult year of my life, thanks to Covid-19, and when it ended I was elated and hopeful for the future. There was a vaccine and soon enough we’d all have it and Covid-19 would be over.

2021 turned out worse. All of that elation was for nothing. We are in a worse situation than ever, Covid-ily speaking, and my parents had such a terrible time health wise that I spent most of the year cycling through feelings of heartbreak, anxiety, frustration, anger (at myself), and crushingly crippling guilt. I managed to make life worse for pretty much everyone I care about.

So if you’re wondering why I am so happy to put 2021 behind us… there you go.

2022 (2020 too) is a welcome change, even though it is literally meaningless, but I don’t feel the optimism I felt last year. Right now I feel a sense of impending doom. How much worse can things get? What will the next nightmare turn out to be? Will Covid-19 mutate into something worse, like a zombie virus? Will Aliens invade and turn us into gourmet meals? Will Bill Gates activate the microchips and melt what’s left of our brains?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I have a few resolution-type things. More like goals than resolutions.

  • Weight. In a couple of weeks I will go to Lowell General Hospital to drop off some paperwork. Next month I will have a Zoom appointment to start the weight loss surgery process. I am utterly terrified of this. I tried to do it once before and cancelled the first appointment out of fear. I couldn’t deal with it. The difference this time is I am more terrified of not doing it. It’s time. I can’t keep living like this. The goal then is to get to the end and have the surgery and then follow the proper post-surgical requirements. We postponed Harry’s graduation present/trip to Disney World that was supposed to happen during the summer of 2020. It is now planned for January 2023. I want all of this to be behind me by then. If it’s not then I’ll deal, but that’s my hope.
  • Get my parents’ house ready to sell. I had planned on chipping away at this over the last few months but my back has been in such bad shape I haven’t had it in me (see the previous entry on the list). Also, Covid. Shit. I don’t want to let anyone down again. I want to do this right.
  • Play with the band again. It’s not a want. It’s a need. It’s a mental health thing. I need this. We were talking about the possibility of a get together a month or so ago, but then omicron ass fucked everything. Now? I don’t know.
  • See the Harry Potter reunion special. This one is totally attainable. In fact, I am going to hit post and go watch it now.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Happy New Year!

As the clock struck midnight I gave my beautiful wife a kiss and then we opened the front door and booted 2021’s ass out to the street while the kids opened the side door and welcomed 2022 in. Then we all hugged out our relief at the end of the shit year that was 2021.


Pre New Years Eve thoughts

We are less than 90 minutes away from December 31, 2021. While I am strongly looking forward to telling 2021 to fuck off and die, I’ve also started thinking about how to celebrate the end of this dirtbag year and the start of the next year.

I’ve started thinking, but I got nuttin’.

We are going to have the first ever full family Covid test tomorrow. Nana and Papa are coming over for the delayed Christmas Eve and we need to ensure everyone is safe. Rapid tests for all and for all a negative rapid test!

I am going to set up the alternate music nook in the cellar tomorrow. I want to use my new pedals with my 18 watt amp and my KTR overdrive pedal and the rest of the band pedal board, and I also don’t want to mess with the cool setup I have in the bedroom. So two nooks it is! I’ve got a couple of tunes ready to record so I’ll use them to test drive the set up. I’m not sure I’ll actually get to play tomorrow but it is a long weekend so fingers crossed.

As for traditional stuff like New Years resolutions, I don’t have anything yet. I might not at all, but if I do I’ll share it soon enough.

Until then, happy New Years Eve Eve! What’s left of it.

The Last Lunch Break of the Year

December 30th. Tomorrow is a holiday from work. That makes today’s telecommuting lunch break the last lunch break of the year. I am so ready to put 2021 behind me. 2020 was a nightmare. 2021 was worse. 2022 (2020 too) is the great unknown, but for once I am thinking the devil I don’t know is preferable to the devil I know… or something like that. What was I saying? Oh yeah, this is the last lunch break blog post of 2021 and that pleases me.

The United Parcel Service paid me a visit. They brought a box with my name on it. Inside the box was two more, smaller boxes. In one box was a Real McCoy Custom RMC10 Wah pedal. In the other was an EarthQuaker Devices The Depths pedal. A new wah pedal and a new uni-vibe pedal. I don’t know when I am going to have a chance to play them. Maybe tonight? Maybe not. I’m looking forward to it. New boutique guitar pedals for this boutique guitar pedal snob.

We missed out on our Christmas Eve festivities this year because of a Covid scare but we are going to give it another try tomorrow for New Years Eve. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am seriously ready for this. New Year, Christmas Eve, both at the same time. Yes. Gimme gimme gimme.

Three hours and one minute left in the work day. I don’t know if I can make it through. I needs me some long weekend and I needs me some long weekend right now.

Old Person

I made it to midnight last night! In fact I made it to about 1:20am! Woohoo, look at the old guy livin’ it up!

When I woke up this morning I looked up at the clock… 9:41. Hehehe, not quite like the 20-something Robbie, he would have slept past noon, but still like a boss, babie.

Happy New Year.

My 2012 in Pictures – Part Deux

Yeah, I did a my-year-in-pictures thing the other day. It was fun. What the hell, thought I, why not do it again? This time I’ll run fast and loose with the whole one-pic-from-each-month thing. I’m crazy like that.

We have to get our pics of the Sands Bridge in Methuen before she collapses. Or maybe I should say before she finishes collapsing. It’s already started. Also, I don’t think I found a relative in the Grove Street Cemetery, but who knows?



In February I finally finished an RPM Challenge on time. It only took me five tries. We also got a new bed. Jen’s penguin approved.

Showdown at Canobie Lake Park


In March, the kids and I became wilderness explorers. Hipstamatic came along for the ride. Actually, we just wandered around in the woods behind our house for a little while. It was fun.



April in San Diego. I want to go back RIGHT NOW!

2012-04-22 - San Diego Day 2 - La Jolla 405

2012-04-27 - Cove and Sunset 020

2012-04-27 - Cove and Sunset 302

May gave us baseball, Bar Harbor, and my first up close New England Lighthouse.


2012-05-26 to 28 - Bar Harbor 184

2012-05-26 to 28 - Bar Harbor 349

The picture pickin’s are slim in June, but we did get a new Rush album (and it is awesome) and we got another fantastic piano recital from the kids.

And all was right with the world...


July offers more choices after a spontaneous trip to Boston, and a week long stay in Maine that included some time in the mountains of New Hampshire.




In August we went to the Top of the Hub for the first time in my life. The views of my city were spectacular. We also spent some twilight time on Hampton Beach.




September had mountain waterfalls, leaf peeping, my first ever attempt at photo-walking in Tewksbury, and more Rush.







October continues to belong to Washington, DC.





The camera didn’t come out much in November, but I did torture the cat, and my wife, with my camera phone, and we did celebrate Turkey Day.




December had more mountains, more mountain streams, and Christmas.





And there we have a second view of my 2012 in pictures. Forgive the gratuitousness.

Happy New Year (again).

New Years Day

2012 went out not with a bang, nor a wimper, but a cough and a kleenex.

I haven’t been posting those daily plague updates, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still feeling it.  I’ve had a couple of coughing fits since coming home from work last night.  My nose has been running pretty much constantly.  If I had to estimate a percentage for how well I am vs how sick I am I would say I am 90% well.  That 10% sick is just a little annoying.

Jen and I went to bed a little after 11:00pm last night.  She went to sleep almost immediately.  I managed to stay awake by surfing on my iPad and writing a post.  I’m a little pissed off though because as I was finishing up I was watching the clock closely, adding a line each time the clock ticked a minute closer to midnight.  You can look at what I wrote, it was the post before this one.  When the clock struck 12:00 I wrote the last line really quick and hit publish.  When the page published it gave a date/time of 12/31/12 @ 11:59.  My iPad clock said 1/1/13 @ 12:00.  Stupid dumb inaccurate clocks.  I don’t know which one was wrong, and I don’t care.  I’m just sad that my goofy posting plan was foiled by father time.  That jerk.

I, along with one other poor soul, have been officially on the on call clock for 23 minutes.  Only 23 hours and 37 minutes to go!


Happy Freakin’ New Year.

Pissed Off About Time Passing

I just had to open a file for work.  The name of the file needed to be the date that next week ends in yyyymmdd format.  In other words, 20130104.

2013.  Can you believe that next week is 2013?  I sure has hell can’t.

I met my wife in 2007 which is proof of that statement, “Time flies when you’re having fun” because it feels like our lives together have really just begun.  How can we be entering our sixth calendar year together?  That’s crazy!

I started my current job in 2004 with the belief that I would be out doing something else in two years.   Now it’s 2013 and I’m still here.

After Star Wars became a huge hit in 1977, George Lucas announced that he would be making nine Star Wars films in all and that each would take three years to make.  That would put the release date for episode nine in 2001.  My dad joked that I’d be 30 years old and that I would have to take him to the movies instead of the other way around.  2001 was 11 years ago.

I graduated high school in 1989.  The turn of the century felt like some far off distant land.  Now we’re in the third year of the second decade of the new century.  That’s insane!  I should also mention that my 21st birthday turns 21 in 2013.  Think about that.

The Red Sox ended all of that curse of the bambino bullshit in 2004… Nine years ago.

Carl Yastrzemski played his final game in 1983… 30 years ago.  (oh and by the way, Yaz is now 73 years old)

Here’s the worst one, by far…

I still remember being all jazzed up about the start of the 1980’s.  The 70’s are over, man.  It’s time for the 80’s!  Bring on the flying cars and moon bases!  WOOHOO!  I was nine on January 1, 1980.  It seemed like such a massively humongous event.  Now, suddenly, 1980 has morphed into 2013.  Urgh!

What the hell happened???