Nothing to Say

I’ve got nothing to say tonight.  Nope, nuttin’.

Last night was my step daughter’s middle school chorus Christmas concert.  She was awesome.  She’s a star.  really.  The kids were great.  They worked very hard.  I know because she practiced every time we got in the car together.  Congratulations to all of the kids.

I have a slightly increased level of Christmas spirit thanks to the concert.  It’s enough to acknowledge the whole season, but not enough for me to be buried in buying gifts for everyone I know.

Maybe it might be time for the big guns… maybe it might be time for…

Right now I have the 12/12/12 hurricane Sandy benefit concert streaming via youtube.  Roger Waters just walked on stage and played a song that is supposed to end, symbolically, with a fighter plane crashing into the audience.

In New York.

At a benefit concert.

Roger has always done things his own way, and I’ve always admired that about him.  I’ve always been a huge fan as well.  Still… let’s hope the symbolism was lost on the majority of the audience, m’kay?

Okay, I’ve really got nothing to say tonight, so that is going to have to do for now.  Maybe I’ll have something to say after Paul McCartney fills in for Kurt Cobain later on… although I don’t expect to be awake for much longer.

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