No Electrical Fun Today

Jen was going to rewire the light switch in the dining room today because she’s absolutely amazing. She was doing a little research last night and found that our switch contains some stuff that we weren’t prepared to deal with, so we gave it a miss and are looking to have an electrician come in. That means one of the two main projects on the agenda for today didn’t happen. The other main project is my super hero wife making spaghetti sauce from scratch. It’s on the stove right now and it smells so good.

You would think that I would have used this extra time to record guitars. Nope. Not yet. Maybe after dinner. That seems like a decent plan. If not, tomorrow. Instead of guitars I worked on drums. Not literally, more like I worked on GarageBand functions that simulate drums.

GarageBand has a tool called Session Drummers. There are a bunch of different “drummers” to choose from, all with different styles and different quirks. I tend to bounce back and forth between two. One that is pretty straight ahead rock and another that is more R&B. For the last two (I think) Quarantine projects I only used the rock drummer. I was planning on sticking with the R&B drummer for RPM but, with eight songs underway, I changed my mind. I went through a bunch of the options available today and picked a different Rock thing. I then changed the drummer on all eight songs.

Will the listener be able to tell the difference? Nope. Not likely.

Does it matter to anyone on the planet Earth other than me? Nope. Not at all.

Damn if that sauce doesn’t smell gooooood.

Looking Like a Tough Day Ahead

There are a couple of things going on at work today that are going to make the day a tough one. Not really looking forward to this one. Oh well, that’s what they pay me the big bucks for (I do not actually make big bucks, more like just normal bucks).

So, anyone else suddenly seeing an increase in Apple Watch battery use? I charge to 100% in the morning, and then for months I was maybe 45-55% when I went to bed. On Monday and Tuesday I was down to the low 30’s, and last night I was down to the high teens. Did something change? My iPhone took an update a few days ago. I wonder.

Looking ahead to the weekend, it sounds like we’re going to get bitch slapped with a snow storm on Saturday. On that day we are planning something insane. Something… unbelievable. Jen wants to… rewire a light switch. I’m totally going to make you wait for more info on that. Just call me Rob the Blog Tease, oh yeah.

Bring on the Thursday.