The cheeto in chief wasted no time in insulting Joe Biden’s newly announced running mate, Kamala Harris. He called her phony, which is hysterical given his make up and hair, and he called her nasty.


The nazi in the white house often refers to intelligent women as nasty. I can’t recall him ever calling a man nasty. How long until women across the nation start taking the word nasty as a compliment?

I hope the English language evolves such that nasty becomes the highest compliment you can give a woman. As it stands now, any time a fascist with a rodent on top of his head calls a women nasty, I automatically support her.

Lower Decks

Okay, so I was pretty convinced I wasn’t going to watch Star Trek Lower Decks because… frankly a goofy cartoon was not something I had any interest in.

This morning I had half an hour to kill before I had to start work. Usually that means an episode of Rick and Morty, but for some reason I couldn’t get HBO Now to run anything. What the hell, I’ll give Lower Decks one look and then that will be it.

Well…. It wasn’t bad. It was actually kinda cute in a goofy way. I don’t think I’m going to be able to stay interested for long, but when the next episode comes out I’ll give it a watch.

I mean, I need to find something to replace Marvel’s Agents of Shield, which is ending tonight. It is tonight, right? Two episodes in one night and everything wraps up?

I’m actually a little sad. I don’t want Agents of Shield to go away. Maybe next January we can get Vice President Kamala Harris to talk ABC and Marvel into bringing it back. There’s two things to hope for!