The Longest Afternoon Ever

Usually on the day before Thanksgiving I end up posting something about how the day before Thanksgiving always seems to me to be the longest day of the year. We’re just hours away from a four day weekend that includes the best holiday on the calendar.

I can’t say that this year. I had something going on at work today that made the 9am to 1pm stretch fly by faster than light. Now that it’s over though, what does that leave?

It leaves the longest afternoon of the calendar year. My wife just sent me a turkey recipe. Comedy Central is bringing back the greatest television event in history, the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon!

How can you possibly avoid getting caught up in the anticipation while sitting at work? The result of all that anticipation (I can taste the stuffing already, really I can) of course is that the clock slows down drastically.

Thanksgiving is the best, but waiting for it to get here is the pits.