I was worried about getting my 30 minutes of exercise in today but I was able to pull it off. Did you know that riding a stationary bike uses a different set of muscles than walking in place? Who knew, right? So now I’ve got two different sets of muscles in pain. Nice.

Speaking of pain. I had a slightly positive outlook on the whole tendinitis in my thumb thing this morning. I still can’t really bend it at the knuckle without that weird getting stuck feeling, but the general, constant pain seemed to have passed. Progress, right? Then I put together an exercise bike. Oh, there you are, constant pain. Welcome home, my constant friend.


Friday night/Saturday morning, while I was sleeping, the ace bandage I’ve been wearing for my thumb started really irritating my hand. I took it off and went back to sleep. I left it off all day yesterday. I may have also missed an Advil fix while busy with other stuff.

What did I learn?

I learned definitively that I am just as bad as I’ve been for months. Overnight last night there were a couple of times when the knuckle did the thing where the tendon is all swollen and it gets caught on the bone and the knuckle won’t bend. When that first started it felt icky. Now it hurts.

The bandage is back on. Is this ever going to get better?