My brain is Mush

The last two days rank high on the list of most insane days I’ve had at work over the last 16 years. Just nuts.

Today is my father’s birthday. He had surgery. It went well. Happy Birthday, Dad!

I need a drink*.

*I don’t drink

Surgical Success

Dad is out of surgery. They said he did excellent. What a relief!

This week has been a crazy, nutty, maniac of a week even without my father going back to the hospital I am very thankful that his piece of it went well as all of my work pieces of it are circling the crazy drain.

Big thanks to the staff at Tufts.

Send Your Happy Thoughts

My father is going to have surgery today. Serious surgery. I am fully confident that everything will go well. It’s not routine, but it’s as close to routine as something this big can be. I am also scared shitless. I’m sending all of the red head vibes I have to offer and I’m hoping everyone else will send all their happy thoughts as well.

Procedure – Part 2

My father’s cardiac procedure is done and he’s back in his room. Everything went well in that they have enough information to move on to the next steps. The next steps, however, sound seriously terrifying. That’s okay though, we knew that was coming. The only question left is when does it happen and who handles it. I am trying not to freak out over the possibilities.