Half Way Through

It took me half a day, but I am finally digging into the new Throwing Muses album. I’m only on track five but I had to post that it is utter bliss. Creepy, aggressive, Muses bliss.

This couldn’t be more different from the last album, Purgatory/Paradise, if it tried. Well, maybe they did try, I don’t know. If I had to compare it to previous stuff I’d say it’s spooky like House Tornado is at times, and heavy like the self titled first post-hiatus album was, but at the same time it is absolutely nothing like either of them. It’s just really good so far. Like, really good. Like I am so happy I could throw up all over myself with glee good.

I’m on track six now, “Upstairs Dan” and it’s my favorite cut so far. Either this one or Dark Blue, but I have been listening to Dark Blue so maybe I’m biased toward this.

Go listen to it! Go listen to it!