Two Years

Two years ago today I finished up my work day and put my work-issued desktop computer (it was a little tiny guy) into my backpack and drove home to begin the new experience known as the Covid-19 Lock Down.

Friday March 13, 2020. A day that (for me at least) will live in infamy.

Things are getting back to normal. Much too quickly for my taste, but they are. I’m taking Harry back to school today. Two years ago it would have been the other way around. We had people in the house this week. Two years ago that would have been unheard of. We went into two stores over the last week. Two years ago we were trying to find ways to stop needing to go into stores.

The Covid-19 numbers are still way too high for my taste but they seem to be coming down, or at least leveling off. The word on the street is there is a new strain of Omicron coming. Hopefully not.

I don’t want to have to keep doing this for another year, but when am I going to feel comfortable going back to pre-lock down lifestyle? I don’t know… maybe never. How bad does that suck?

Happy suck-aversary.

Hockey Takes an Early Christmas

The NHL was supposed to go on its Christmas break after the end of play on the 23rd. There would be no activity, including travel, until the 26th.

As it turned out, all of the games on the schedule for the 22nd had already been postponed due to the league shutting down individual teams for Covid outbreaks.

So the league and the players did the smart thing and decided to start the Christmas break early. It now starts at the end of play tonight (the 21st) and all of the games on the books for the 23rd, there are five of them, will be postponed.

I got my info from the players association’s news site.

Now while I think that their hearts are in the right place, I think they are coming up short. Personally, I think they should shut down until New Years Day. Let the infected players recover and then come back on 1/1/22 with the Winter Classic.

But that’s just me.

Fans in the Stands

The Boston Bruins are coming out of their week or so long Covid-19 shut down tonight. They are playing the Islanders at the Garden and for the first time since last March there will be fans in the stands. Not a lot of them, in terms of the building’s capacity, but some.

This was actually supposed to be the second game with fans in the stands but the first one was postponed when the team was shut down due to their little Covid-19 outbreak. I’m just going to leave this sentence right there and give you a second to allow the irony to sink in.

All set? Okay, ignoring the irony for a moment, I was thinking about this earlier today and I started to wonder how the team would handle possible outbreaks in the stands. I envisioned a message displaying on the jumbotron at regular intervals saying something like:

If within the next week or so you should develop Covid-19 symptoms and receive a positive result on a Covid-19 test, please call the Bruins at 617-555-IRONY and let us know so that we can commence with contact tracing for your fellow ticketholders.

You know, something simple like that.

On a completely unrelated note, we had a meeting today with all of the groups under our Senior Manager. We did a little team building exercise that required everyone to log into the same website. Sort of like a Jackbox thing without the possibility of NSFW content cropping up. The site gave each participant a randomly generated user name. What was my randomly generated user name, you ask?


I’m pretty sure that when I someday punch my ticket and see my whole life flash before my eyes, being referred to anonymously as EpicGiraffe is probably going to end up being the high water mark for all things.

Another Bad Luck Coronaversary

Friday March 13, 2020. That was my last day in the office before the Coronavirus shut down started.

Friday November 13, 2020. Today. Yet another Friday the 13th. Eight months and counting.

We have a new President Elect, we have rumblings of a very effective vaccine, no one in my family has Covid-19, we still haven’t really left the house to speak of but everyone is Corona-Free.

Eight months. 10,642,218 sick Americans. 243,044 dead Americans.

I don’t really have anything else to say. I still feel the need to recognize the monthaversary, but this is normal now. Working from home. Never leaving the house, more or less. My company is still hinting that we’ll be back to the office at least some of the time after the new year. I don’t think I’m ready for that. Short of a vaccine I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for that.

I really want this to be over though. My soul is feeling pretty crushed right now.

Uncle, right?