Force Ghosts Debate

My wife just let me know that she’s in an online debate regarding the Force Ghosts at the end of the special edition of Return of the Jedi.

No. Luke would not see a young Anakin as a force ghost. No No No No No! Never! He never saw his father as a young man. He only saw his face one time in his entire life and it was as he lay dying on the Death Star literally minutes before! No, he would not see young Anakin! He would see Anakin as he knew him! An old, wrinkled, pasty skinned dude!

And if he did, why doesn’t he see young Obi-Wan? Why doesn’t he see young Yoda? What the fuck, Lucas? Of all the stupid, senseless things to see in the prequels and the special editions, replacing the old Anakin with the young Anakin at the end of Return of the Jedi is the dumbest by far!


Sorry… needed to vent.

The debate she was having was actually a cross over. It had something to do with Force Ghosts being involved in the new Ghost Busters movie. That made me wonder… could a Proton Pack hold a Force Ghost? Something to ponder, my movie franchise loving friends. Something to ponder.

The Incredibles

Today has been a movie day at our house.  I ran some errands in the morning, and then the kids and I ran another errand, and then we came home to movie bonanza.

First we started with disc one of The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers.  We’ll watch the rest tomorrow.  The kids said they wanted a movie watching break after the first disc so they went and did other things.  I took advantage of the rare moment of being in charge of the television by throwing on the blu ray version of Return of the Jedi.  Within seconds of the flick starting, both kids were glued to the tube with me.

After that my gorgeous, beloved wife declared that after two guy films she was taking over and picking a super chick flick.  She and my step daughter stayed in the living room and watched Beaches (OMG!) while my step son and I went down cellar and watched The Incredibles.

Pixar has never made a bad movie, have they?  I don’t think so, but every time I watch The Incredibles it gets better and better.  That movie just plain rules all animated movies.  It’s the best, really.  I want an Incredibles 2.  How could they have made Cars 2, but not The Incredibles 2?  Cars was a great movie, but it’s not fit to fold The Incredible’s underwear.  Really.

Pixar… make The Incredibles 2.  It’s time.

Make it so.