Trump is a Fascist Idiot – 3/23/17 Edition

I had a really busy day at work today. I didn’t have any time to spend paying attention to the outside world.  I knew that our fascist prick overlord dictator asshole was pushing for a vote on the billionaires tax break bill that everyone is calling trumpcare.  I wanted the vote to fail.  I know in the end it’s not going to make any difference.  The fascist prick will put through whatever he wants and his collaborators in Congress will bend over and give the pussy grabber whatever he wants.

Imagine my surprise when I put on the radio after work and found out that things looked so bad for the vote that the fascist collaborators actually cancelled the vote.  Take that you fascist losers.

Any time the American people can show trump what a serious loser he is, it makes me happy.  How’s that popular vote, you loser.  How’s that travel ban, you loser.  If we’re going to be stuck with this son of a bitch for another three years and 10 months then I foresee many, many losses for the loser.

Trump is a Fascist Idiot – 3/19/17 Edition

Did that fascist shit head really say publicly that Germany owes us money for NATO?  Is he really that stupid?  Does he have no idea how NATO works?  He grew up during the cold war, he should have learned how NATO works by osmosis.  He should have got it just by breathing.

The man is insufferably clueless.  His existence makes me want to vomit.  Germany owes the US money… what a moron.  Screw you, you half witted fascist cheet-o.

Trump is a Fascist Idiot – 3/18/17 Edition

So rather than back down from the wiretapping bullshit unfounded false accusations this moron made against Obama a couple of weeks ago, he actually pulled other countries into the discussion.

Want to know what this is?  This is one of those movies were the 10 year old kid tells a lie to get out of something silly and then compounds the little lie with a bigger lie and a bigger lie until he ends up getting grounded for a decade because one of this relatives died or something and we all feel better because the kid learned a valuable lesson.  That’s exactly what this story is.  It’s the fascist spray tanned cheeto prick who cried wolf.

Except there is no valuable lesson to be learned in this case because half the friggin country believes this fascist piece of shit is telling god’s truth.  Every time I think we have the orange idiot over a barrel I have to stop and realize that HALF THE COUNTRY SUPPORTS HIM.  We are not a democracy with a fascist president, we are a country that is half fascist with a fascist president.

The mid term election is our only hope of getting out of this shit hole we have dug ourselves into.  It’s like Obi-Wan Kenobie, it’s our only hope.  But how can you still have hope when half the country thinks all of this nightmarish fascism is just us being great again?