Jen wanted to look at some bluetooth speakers tonight so we went over to Target to test drive a few. I did not see a camera section in the electronics section. I didn’t look that hard though.


I liked the Bose stuff, but I always like Bose stuff.


I was about to start writing something but tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead started. We need to wait for a commercial break. Hold on…..

….okay, commercial break.

We had a FaceTime call with my step daughter tonight. Always great to check in. She was telling us that she got accepted into a research project. Jen asked her what they were working on. It was all casual conversation like.

As soon as the question was out though, Bellana lit up like the sun. She started talking about the project with a level of excitement that was unreal. It was amazing to witness. She was thrilled.

She is so clearly studying the right subject. 100%.

At one point she was talking about cloning cells. I was going to ask if she could clone Patches. Just before I did, Patches walked into the room and vomited about 20 pounds of puke onto our nice hardwood floor.

Yeah, maybe we don’t clone Patches just yet.