Two Fast, Too Furious

The title of the post is just a pun. No one is furious. Unless you count being furious at the dictator cheeto for being recorded saying that Covid was a killer all the way back in February. That’s not what you get furious about. What you get furious about is that 50% of the idiots who vote still think he’s doing a great job, the fucking dogs.


51 minutes ago I finished my second intermittent fast. Two days in a row of no eating between 9:00pm and 1:00pm the next day. Something tells me that I’m going to get sick of this really quick, but for today… Two fast, too furious. Or something like that.

I’ve started having a little problem with my Apple Watch. Yesterday it froze on me. It went to sleep and wouldn’t wake up. I rebooted and everything was fine… or so I thought. About an hour later I saw a no-connection error icon. What? I checked my iPhone and sure enough the phone and the watch were not connected via bluetooth. I re-connected them and it was fine for a while but eventually it disconnected again.

I went to Wise Master Google and it told me to just toggle the bluetooth function on my iphone. That seems to have worked so far, at least for a couple of hours, but I have been having a little bit of an issue connecting to Siri. Its only working when my phone and I are in the same room. Weird.

My step son just wrapped up his second day of school. He did it all from his room. He’s in the living room doing music theory homework on the electric piano right now. As of today the full remote schooling is still just for this week. For now though, it’s such a relief to know he’s not going into the coronaviral plague pit otherwise known as the high school. I really don’t want him to go back, at least not without a vaccine, and not a rushed-poison-election-year-gimmick vaccine. I’m so tired of this.

So how are you all doing?

Oh, That’s Just Ducky, Part II

On the last day before the start of the school year, earlier today they cancelled all sports because a bunch of student athletes caught the ‘rona.

Tonight they cancelled all in person classes for the first week. My step son will have his first day of school in his room at our house.

I want very much for him to have a normal senior year, but selfishly I am so friggin’ relieved. We haven’t even made it to the first day and already the virus has started spreading through the student population and it’s already bad enough to send everyone home for a while at least.

Finally, a smart move on the school district’s part. Finally.

Addendum: He’s going to have his first day of school from dad’s house and then come here afterwards. Same difference.

Back to School: Good, Not Great, News

We received some news on the plan for back to school and the news is a whole lot better than we thought it would be, but still not that great.

They are dividing the students into two groups, alphabetically. On day one, one group will be in the building and the other will be remote. On the next day they swap, and so on and so forth ad infinitim. Is ad infinitim the correct usage of that phrase? Did I spell it right? Does anyone care? Do I even exist?

So it’s good news that my step son won’t be going back in person full time. It’s bad news that he will still be going back half of the time. What’s best is that they took the decision out of our hands. The four parental types wanted one outcome, and the student himself wanted another. This way the school is making us split the difference down the middle.

Of course all of this planning will be heading straight down the shitter once they go back and kids, staff, and faculty start testing positive. Once we have a nice little outbreak on our hands we’ll be remote learning full time again. Bank on it. Also, this plan still puts the faculty in the building full time. I don’t see that happening, at least not everywhere. In my step son’s school system they seem a little more lax about Covid than in other areas, so maybe the faculty is down for it. In some parts of Massachusetts, I expect teacher walkouts. The unions are already saying they want remote and it’s just a matter of time before we start hearing about strike votes. I will fall 100% on the side of the teacher’s unions on this question. They did not sign up to risk their lives for the shit we pay them. Strike away, brothers and sisters.