Vacuum Tube Rabbit Hole

I saw a post on a BookFayce group for tube amps today where the poster asked where he could find American made vacuum tubes. The answer is, you can’t. There are only three plants on Earth that make tubes (valves, for our British readers). One is in China, one is in Russia, and one is in… Slovakia. Some one told me earlier… I think that’s the three.

Someone joked that if you want American made tubes you need to make them yourself. HarHar. Some one else shared this video, which explains why you ain’t makin’ homemade tubes any time soon.

Blown glass, eh? Yeah. Not today.

When that video ended there was a link to another video called How A Tube Works (questionable grammar there, the “A” should be lower case). I started watching the video but it’s long and lunch ended. I understand about 3% of it so far. I’m saving it off for later.