Kiss My Ass, Fascists

Call it a dry run for the General Election in November. I just delivered my mail in ballot for tomorrow’s Massachusetts Primary Election to Methuen City Hall. I’ll do it again in just over two months. Kiss my ass, trump, you nazi stooge you.

Markey or Kennedy

We have a primary here in Massachusetts tomorrow and there is a juicy fight for the US Senate going on. With only one day left to make a decision, I am still very much undecided.

Kennedy currently has a seat in the US House and he is clearly a rising star. Even without the family name he is making waves in all the right ways. I would be very happy to see him in the US Senate.

Markey has been serving the state in Washington for ages. He’s always seemed to quietly be right where we the people needed him to be, doing exactly what we needed him to do. Under Trump he has always stood up to the fascists in the White House and he has been a strong force for right. Oh yeah, and he co-wrote the Green New Deal. I would be very happy to have Ed Markey in the US Senate for another six years.

Up until the last few days I was pretty strongly leaning toward Kennedy. Today, I think I’m leaning toward Markey.

We have vote by mail ballots but we did not mail them. What with the Trump administration dismantling the US Postal system in yet another obvious attempt to rig elections. Instead, I will drop our ballots off at City Hall, either tonight or tomorrow.

Now I just have to make a decision.

Damn It


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: In the general election I will gleefully, blissfully cast my vote for Joe Biden.  I just… I just wish I didn’t have to.  Given the choice between Biden and Bernie there is no choice for me.  Bernie all the way.

This primary season has just been so… annoying.