Morning, Folks

Ugh… I just wanna go back to bed.

We cleaned out the freezer. Making room for a Thanksgiving turkey? Could be. I took out the trash. I gots that goin’ for me.

It’s just about time to punch into work. I don’t wanna. I want to go on a two week vacation where I just sleep all day and all night and that’s it.

The Red Sox next series starts on Friday. The Bruins season opener is Saturday. We’re going to Vermont on Saturday. The NHL opened last night, but the Bruins don’t play until Saturday? What’s going on there?

I went to bed a little before midnight last night. I managed six or so hours of sleep. That’s not a bad night, right? Why then do I feel like I haven’t slept at all?

Okay. I’m feeling like today is going to be a weird one. Hang on to your butts.


This seems to be another day with no time to post anything. Too busy for bloggin’ and too busy to have noteworthy things to electronically discuss.

Let’s force one through then.

The Bruins play the Kings tonight in L.A. Why does the time zone have to be such a jerk and make the game start at bed time. Stupid humongous continent.

There’s yer post kids. Hope ya’ll enjoyed it.