InstaCrack Strikes Again

It happened again. We ordered Diet Pepsi and they brought regular Pepsi. I’ve lost 17 pounds in the past month and suddenly instacart is trying to tempt me back to the soda dark side.

I must fight it. I must be diet strong.

Instacart is My Crack Dealer

We just had an instacart delivery. They did a pretty good job getting things we need. My hat is tipped for sure.


My weight problem may or may not be the result of decades worth of mass consumption of cola drinks. 90% of them coca~cola, but there’s plenty of pepsi sloshing around in all that fatness too.

I can’t kick my addiction to cola drinks, but I have successfully transitioned to diet soda. Diet Pepsi, to be specific. I now drink mass quantities of Diet Pepsi and while it’s not good for me per se, just look at those teeth, bro, it’s better than guzzling the regular stuff.

Today’s instacart order included a couple of six packs of bottled Diet Pepsi. They brought regular. Oh no. I have regular pepsi in my house. Why don’t you just bring a great big bucketful of crack to a crack addict and tell him to have a ball.