Robot Fail

Last night I took a picture of the Roomba to post here and somehow didn’t even notice that it was just barely off the charger. When it was supposed to run last night it did not because the battery was still dead from the last time it ran.

Stupid dead battery robot. How are you supposed to take over the world if you can’t even charge yourself? Sheesh.

The real reason I am posting this right now is not because of the utter robotic failure last night but because I am going to work in the office today and I don’t want to go so I am stalling.

That’s the ticket, right there.


I wonder if our new friend the handyman will be interested in fixing the clothes dryer that I just broke.

I had to move the washer and dryer away from the wall for the wallboard guy. That required disconnecting stuff.

I was barely pulling on the dryer’s exhaust hose and it just ripped in two.