It’s Finally Coming

I ordered it on March 6th. That’s 14 days ago. Two weeks.

I got a shipping notification from the seller on March 9th. When I ran the tracking number though it said the number had been created but not picked up. Using my vast shipping/receiving knowledge from 20+ years ago, that generally means the shipping label has been printed but the package has not been dropped off with or picked up by the post office.

I sent the seller a message yesterday. I tried not to sound pissy. There’s a pandemic and the previous administration did everything it could to destroy the USPS. I get that it might be rough getting things to where they are going. I hope the seller didn’t read it as if I was pissed off because I wasn’t.

Today I tracked the package and it now says it shipped on the 19th. The same day I sent my non-pissy but possibly still pissy email. I tried to run the tracking number again a few minutes ago and the whole system is down. Go back and re-read the previous paragraph. Specifically the third sentence.

When I tracked earlier it gave the estimated delivery date as Monday the 22nd.

After work on Monday I am going to play the guitar through the 30 watt channel on my amp and hopefully, fingers crossed, not tear down the house and shatter windows all throughout the neighborhood. The attenuator is coming and we are going to see if we can tame that amp a smidge. Again, fingers crossed.

Rock and Roll (or something similar).