I Got Nuttin’

I live in New England. I love it here. Unfortunately the rain seems to love it here too because it has rained every day this week and the forecast is calling for rain every day next week too. It is putting me into a “mood”. Jen feels like she’s catching a cold. I am either catching a cold or developing allergies. The kids are fine, they’re on summer vacation so rain or shine it’s paradise for them. I have been getting too little sleep every night this week. I’m tired and sore and feeling run down.

But it’s Friday.

We have no set plans for the weekend. The kids want to go see Monsters University, and Jen and I want to take them. I don’t know when that will happen, but it will happen at some point. Other than that? No clue. The house needs some cleaning and there is tons of laundry, as usual. The lawn is getting long again, but rain every day will screw that plan. I could use a haircut but I’m not worried about it.

Cook out? Rain. urgh.

I am so sick of rain. I want some sunshine and happiness. It’s like, mother nature can’t screw us over with snow because it’s too warm, so she’s screwing us over with rain. She pisses me off sometimes.

Screw You, Mother Nature – Continued

Today is March 21, 2013.  The first day or Spring was yesterday.

It is snowing.

Screw you, Mother Nature!

We had snow in the Fall.  We had snow in the Winter.  We have snow in the Spring.  Suddenly the old joke about having two season, Winter and July, doesn’t seem so funny.